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Major Franklin

Major Franklin

 It is believed that these recordings were made in the 1960's sometime and that Omega Burden was playing back up.

These recordings are hard to come by and are offered up as a gesture of preservation and perpetuation of the art of Texas Style Fiddling.

Click the down load Icon to download each tune.... enjoy!

Apple Blossoms

Download 25_Apple_Blossom.mp3

Work Shop Series


Download 08_Bill_Cheetum.mp3

Billy In The Lowground

Download 22_Billy_In_The_Lowground.mp3

Bitter Creek

Download 04_Bitter_Creek.mp3

Blackberry Blossom

Download 05_Blackberry_Blossom.mp3

Durangs Hornpipe

Download 17_Durangs_Hornpipe.mp3

Dusty Miller

Download 06_Dusty_Miller.mp3

Fishers Hornpipe

Download 27_Fisher_s_Hornpipe.mp3

Forked Deer

Download 01_Forked_Deer.mp3

Grey Eagle

Download 26_Grey_Eagle_II.mp3

Hot Foot

Download 24_Hot_Foot.mp3

Leather Britches

Download 20_Leather_Britches.mp3

Little Joe

Download Little_Joe_II.MP3

Miller's Reel & Boil the Cabbage

Download 21_Miller_s_Reel_-__Boil_The_Cabbage.mp3

Sally Johnson

Download 02_Sally_Johnson.mp3

Texas Serenade

More to come.... check back!

Download 28_Texas_Serenade.mp3