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This is the Photo that apeared in the SUMMIT DAILY NEWS front page. This picture was taken in Keystone at The Colorado State Fiddle Championships! From left to right: Randy Buzan,Grey Coffey,Erin Beimford and Larry Ryckman. Thanks to Larry for having the paper send us the picture directly.

8 and Under Division

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Co - 1st place

Jasper Ryckman

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3rd Place

Josh Coffey


9-11 Division

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1st Place                                     4th Place

Julia Buzan                                                        Abby Holmberg

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  6th Place

   Caitlyn Olde


12-14 Division

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                   1st Place         3rd Place                        4th Place                                

                              Laura Stewart          Aarun Swiniarski (my Daughter!)        Erin Beimford                                               

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5th Place                     7th Place

Joyce Lee                             Nathan Smith - First year at State

15-17 Division


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2nd Place                5th Place

Megan Slattery                        Austin Lantz - first year at State


18-50 Division

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                2nd Place                                           6th Place

                   Ricky Selman (my Son!)                                Larry Ryckman




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