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Fee is based on a yearly flat rate. Tuition fee covers teachers salary for 48 weeks of lessons

(4 weeks instructor vacation/sabbatical) .

Beginner students have 1 group class per month until advanced to last half of the first book they then have 2-4 classes available, depending on level.

Monthly payments are due the *first scheduled lesson of the month.

Annual recital fee due the month of recital.

Group class fees are non-negotiable and must be paid by all students.
Fees are distributed between all students evenly, as I pay a fee to use Bethany Lutheran each month.
 Free Services
~Annual Performance's and Parties ~ Book Graduate Recital - teacher participation
~Advanced & Fiddle Coaching ~ Jam Sessions Monthly ~ Extra Rehearsals ~Website Access and Internet Communication
Expert advice on instrument selection ~ Customized Practice Sheet System

Please read Tuition Policy at the Program info link rickAAarunMOD1b.gif (28289 bytes) 






Tuition rates for D S S Program:


 Instruction with Denice Carter

Instructor Salary Rates

    1/2 hour slots - $110 monthly flat rate
45 minute slots - $165
1 hour slots - $220 monthly flat rate

Rate reduction may be considered for the following circumstances:
* Single parent - Low income - below $30,000

Lesson Locations

Achord Music Studio's

6574 S. Braodway


Thortnon - Home Studio

by appointment - 303.286.1802

Group Classes are at  10:00 AM Every Saturday  Bethany Lutheran


InFo About Online Lessons

email Denice


Dj's Music Box

5048 East Hampden Avenue ~ Denver, CO


Instruction With Ricky Selman

Suzuki Certified Through Book 1

1/2 hour  :

$70 Flat Rate per month

Instruction With Ricky Selman 


Locations :


DJ's Music Box

$15 PER 1/2 hour lesson - weekly lesson required

$10 per weekly group class - required

total of $25 per week/ per student

Group Classes are at  10:00 AM Every Saturday  Bethany Lutheran


email Ricky mailbx14.gif (9072 bytes)



Instruction With Aarun Carter


Was taught by Suzuki Method since age  2  1/2

Extensive Fiddle Experience - Highly Profficiant at playing and teaching Back up Guitar

Previous Student at the Denver School of the Arts

RATES 1/2 hour  :

$70 Flat Rate per month

Aarun teaches at our home in Thornton and is willing to come to your home!

 Lesson Locations:

Achord Music Studio's

6574 S. Braodway


Thortnon - Home Studio

by appointment - 303.286.1802

Group Classes are at  10:00 AM Every Saturday  Bethany Lutheran

Feel free to contact us at the email links below.

 mailbx14.gif (9072 bytes) Email Aarun

Annual recital fee is not included - participation required
Parent Classes, Jam sessions, concerts and extra rehearsals are NO CHARGE.
(All requirements for these activities still apply)
Please make a note of these changes.

bullet* payment MUST be made by the 7th of the month or a $10 late charge must be imposed.


Missed lessons & drop outs
To insure studio is held for instructor - studio rent is charged to the instructor according to her monthly schedule whether or not lesson's are actually given.


* NO refunds for "missed lessons" can be given.
Make ups may be arranged, schedule permitting, within the month the lesson was missed
please keep in mind that if no make up slots are available, instructor IS NOT obligated to provide make ups.


* Students may switch lesson spots with other students by obtaining a lesson schedule from instructor and arranging the switch on their own. Please notify instructor or this change.


* Please note that some lesson days receive as many as 5 extra lessons per year. Instructor shall offer at least 46 weeks of lessons to all students.


*Fee's for students absent for MORE THAN 2 weeks per month due to extended vacation in summer must pay 1/2 tuition to hold a spot.


*PLEASE give 30 day notice if planning to drop out.



Thank you for allowing me the privilege of instructing your child. I appreciate any questions, comments or input
as to your child's progress. Feel free to contact me if needed... Denice  Fidlmom1@aol.com




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~ It is recommended that parents and their children commit to the study of violin for a period of 1 year. This recommendation is given to facilitate positive commitment and allows time to fairly asses growth and interest ~
Learning to play any instrument requires consistent practice. The enjoyment received from achievement is what motivates the child to continue playing. Growth feeds our desire. My goal as your instructor is to present to my students the gift of music. Thorough mastery of skill allows the student the freedom of growth. Imagining that we are great players capable of exploring all facets of learning is only the beginning of our journey to great appreciation of the music. I consider these components the "recipe" to musical success. Playing for enjoyment at leisure or vocation requires these important ingredients.

For this reason I set certain standards for my students.

Suzuki Students:
Parents are required to attend all private lessons for students from beginner through intermediate level Book 2) unless advanced students are under age 10. Some older beginner students may be allowed to attend without their parent.

Group classes and performances are a required and important part of the learning experience. Group concert attire is required and shall be:


Fiddling and Advanced students:
Must always bring, their notebook with all practice sheets assembled in an orderly fashion, lesson tape to record on and any reading books currently studying. Suzuki book Suzuki students) Tune list (fiddle students). Advanced students should NEVER forget these items!

All Students
Must arrive to lesson on time,practiced,and prepared (having covered material covered at previous lesson) with all materials as requested by instructor (books,tapes,note book,practice sheets, shoulder rest, rosin, clean hands and trimmed fingernails) Listening habits are also very important, students must listen to upcoming pieces as requested at lesson.

Students excessively missing lesson due to extra curricular conflicts will not be encouraged to continue as I have no interest in over loading children with to many activities. It is my desire to help students learn the lessons of growth through achievement. For this reason I have adopted strategies to facilitate solid practice and commitment habits. It has been my experience that students having trouble meeting the above requirements either -

A) need help organizing their time OR

B) Don't really have the desire to continue the violin after realizing the commitment it takes.


Procedures for dealing with these problems shall be:

Step 1 - discuss a good plan for organizing time for consistent practice habits.
Step 2 - If student is still having trouble we must explore the reasons why and determine if the student desires to continue.
Step 3 - One month probation. During this month the student must demonstrate that they want to continue by practicing consistently the tasks set at lesson.
Step 4 - If the above requirements are not met during the probation period the student will be advised to discontinue.

Parents Please feel free to alert me of any problems that may come up! Often I can provide solutions or at least help you make a decision that is mutual.

It is my intention to continue teaching your child through high school, as long as that is right for your child.

It is not my desire to EVER have to place a student on probation!


Questions about policies please email

Denice Carter



Children's Group Class participation is required.

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1st Saturday....... Suzuki Book 1.............See list below to see if this class is for you!

2nd & 4th Saturday.......FIDDLOCITY .............See list below to see if this class is for you!

3rd Saturday....... Suzuki Book 2 -  4 .............See list to see if this class is for you!

1ST Saturday....... 11:00 sPEDS .............See list to see if this class is for you!

As the Director of the Denver Suzuki Strings Program I expect full participation.

(adult students are invited and encourage to attend)

Please attend lower level classes for review opportunities

Group Classes are at  10:00 AM Every Saturday  Bethany Lutheran


  • 1st Saturday - Book 1
    1. Katherine Koplin

    2.  Dani McCurdy

    3.  Jordan Koplin

    4.  Dale McCordy

    5.  Noah Fithen

    6.  Macy Baltter 

    7.  Blake Benson

    8.  Julia Greenwald

    9.  Jenny Geenwald

    10.  Celeste Graziano

    11.  Melissa Valdez

    12.  Morgan Spiers

    13. Teddy Meyer

    14. Olivia Hayden

    15. Gabby Hayden


    2nd & 4th Saturday

    Fiddlocity! - Fiddle Group

    * Bring Guitar also

    1. 1 Jordan Koplin
    2. Madeline Afshar
    3. Jenny Greenwald 
    4. Abby Eurich
    5. *Caitlyn Olde
    6. *Abby Holmberg                                       
    7.  *Racheal Jackman
    8.  *Kaitlin Kenney
    9.  *Julia Buzan
    10. Shannon O'Neill
    11. *Erin O'Neill 
    12. *Melissa Valdez
    13. Max Afshar
    14. Catherine Deward
    15. *Kellen O'Neill
    16. *Danielle Valdez 
    17. Alex Eurich
    18. Macy Blatter
    19. *Aarun Carter
    20.  Nash Carter
    21. Noah Fithen
    22. Katherine Koplin
    23. Becky Lewis



  • 3rd Saturday-Book 2 & 4
  • Learn Book 2 Harmonies
    1. Danielle Valdez

    2. Kaitlin Kenney

    3. Catherine Deward

    4. Kellen O'Neill                                        

    5. Cailtlyn Olde

    6. Shannon O'neill

    7. Max Afshar

    8. Abby Eurich                                          

    9. Madeline Afshar

    10. Jordan Koplin

    11. Jenny Geenwald

    12. Rachel Jackman

    13. Becky Lewis



    4th Saturday - All Fiddlers and guitar players


    • Parent Education is required


    Suzuki Parent Education & Discussion - SPEDS

    SPEDS  is required for all parents of students under age 10 or beginners

    Meeting time  - 11:00 AM The 1ST Saturday of the Month - Sept. - May


    For More Info contact Denice  Carter  OR Ricky Selman



    Denver Suzuki Strings
    Thornton & Denver , Colorado
    Phone: 303 286 1802
    E-Mail: fidlmom1@aol.com

    E-mail us by filling out the form below:

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