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Look at the first round. One judge cut Laura's score by 29 points!
In the 2nd round her points where the highest in the round.
Basically the first round killed her. She had no chance to win the second round.
This is an example of how ONE judge can influence a contestants score.
At Weiser they through out the highest and the lowest score. This way NO ONE can influence a contestants score in a big way... High or Low...

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Here is an example of how the first round can save you. Ricky had enough points in the first round to carry him through the 2nd round. In the 2nd Round Ricky got lower scores then Tyler. You never know how it will go!

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Here I was lucky.. One judge liked me in the first round. Just enough to give me the lead. In the 2nd round a different judge liked me enough to bump me up to 1st place. Other wise the other judges had Trish in 1st place.I only won by 4 points. This goes to show you it is really a numbers game. Either one of us could have won. You just can't Judge YOURSELF by what the judges think.

Trish and I have competed many times... we have decided it is a coin toss most of the time.

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Margery was the only adult we had entered and boy did she do a great job!
She placed 6th out of about 12 (I think)
I am very proud of her!

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As always, we couldn't have done much without our guitar players.
They are the unsong hero's. Randy did his FIRST contest and
boy am I glad he was there for me!
Thanks to Craig and Randy, we could not have done it without you!

We all got together Saturday night for a great jam session!

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To have you all there with me to share and learn meant more then you will ever know....

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I can't begin to express how special this experience was for me!

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Thanks to all my Douglas fiddle families for a wonderful weekend
that I will never forget!


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