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Fiddle Recordings


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   Fiddle Recordings - Please read recommendations

Scroll Down! click to link

Click the CD or underlined link to Order it from the Artist directly!

* Sadley some recordings are no longer available

Below are recordings that I recommend Texas Player's have.

Rating system:

 OK            Contest Oriented - not necessarily "Texas Style" but good

 Contest Oriented and Texas Style     A must have for posterity - Texas Style

 The Best - In my opinion

Click the CD or underlined link to Order it from the Artist directly!

* My Fiddle Lineage

  Eck Robertson (The father of Texas Style) eckrobertson2.JPG (8832 bytes)

Read About him!

Order CD

Now here is the original source of Texas Style Fiddle. Eck has the
distinction of recording the very first country recordings in history.
These date back to 1923 and are the source of all Texas Style fiddle as we know it!

Major Franklin

There are no published recordings currently avaiable of Major Franklin which is shame, as he shaped Texas Style fiddling like no other. He taught Dick Barrett and a few other's. Since then everyone in Texas Fiddling has tried to emulate his style.

Please read about him by clicking this link

I am happy to share some of the recordings I have

Click This Link  - to download




Benny Thomasson (Marks Teacher)  bthomasson2.JPG (8953 bytes)

Order From : Voyager   County Sales

Nothin' like getting it straight from the horses mouth!

These recordings where made on the campground at Weiser.

You won't find a finer example of true Texas Style anywhere.
Buy ALL recordings listed!


Benny Thomasson: “Say Old Man Can You Play the Fiddle”

Benny & Jerry Thomasson: "The Weiser Reunion"

Click underlined link to order 


 BARTOW RILEY 'Panhandle Fiddling'

A student of Benny Thomasson's  and a fine example of true Texas Style Fiddling.

Read more about Bartow

Order this CD from : County Sales



Three Generations of Champion Texas Fiddlers

The Solomon Family
Old Blue Records - Old Blue CD-701

Format: CD
Price: $15.00  Shipping: $2.50
($1.50 after first item)
This great fiddle music comes from the hands, head and heart of Erwin Solomon, his brother Jim, his sons Vernon and Norman and his grandson, Mike (Vernon's son). Three generations of one family of truly outstanding Texas fiddle players. They won prizes in too many fiddle contests to count, both in and outside of Texas. Their fiddling enriched the lives of their many friends and neighbors where they lived and worked,providing all with good times while having great fun themselves.


 If you are truly A Texas Style Purist you MUST have this CD!new!.gif (5342 bytes)

  Georgia Slim Rutlan - This is a new find for me and quite interesting....

hard to know what came from were after hearing this, but I do think it is worth a listen. It is rumored that Howdy Forester wrote a reel for this man -

Rutland's Reel... this can be heard on The Texas String Drive CD. Many speculations have been made about Mr. Rutland's connection to Texas style

and I suppose one day I will know the real story....This CD is totally RAW... no backup at all.... very interesting.


Daniel Carwile - U.S. Grand Master Fiddle Champion


Includes: Dusty Miller  Crafton’s Blues Say Old Man 40 Years Ago Waltz Billy In The Lowground

Beaumont Rag Kentucky Waltz Sally Goodin Texas Serenade And 15 additional tunes! $15.00  Daniel's latest recording capturing the essence of Texas-style contest fiddling. It contains eight rounds consisting of a hoedown, waltz, and tune of choice.

This is a good example of how rounds are played in a timed contest.


Matt Wyatt   A new find for me... this stuff is waygood!
I was blown away by it! Get it NOW! This CD sounds like a Texas Jam if I ever heard one. How that got all the way to Missouri I don't know, but I do know you should hear it ! Matt has won many fiddle contests including State Championships in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Alabama, and Mississippi.The top 3 in the Tennessee State Championship,1st place in Branson Missouri and the top three in Mt. View Arkansas. In addition to contests, Matt plays for dances regularly.Matt learned directly from some of Missouri's best. "Picking the brains" of fiddlers like Pete McMahan, Gene Goforth, Taylor McBaine, Jr. Marriott, Charlie Waldon and many others. He heard a tape of Texas fiddler, Terry Morris, and it started his search for more fiddling like it. He traveled the country learning from other great fiddlers like JT Perkins, Kenny Baker, Orville Burns, and Louis Franklin to name a few.
                                          LISTEN NOW                  
Listen to a "Song A Month" Matt has great recordings available to listen to on his website!

 quebecd.jpg (76362 bytes)

The Quebe Sisters  are a fine example of the

 teaching of Joey & Sherry McKenzie -

Texas Swing In three part harmony!

These Girls have really GOT IT!

 boohercd.jpg (10106 bytes)

lt;A href="http://www.diamondbchuckwagon.com/Music_shop.htm">boohercd.jpg (10106 bytes)

Rudi Booher - Past National Champion...

A long Time Personal Favorite of mine....

you can't go wrong with this CD.    

Scroll way down the link page to find Rudi's CD's...


 BarrettCD.JPG (27037 bytes)

  "At The Fiddler's Knee"  

A MUST HAVE for all fiddler's.

This CD features Dick Barrett,  one of the best traditional
fiddle players in the country, his talented wife Lisa, and
two of their gifted apprentices,John  Owens Lardinois,Jr.
and Preston Schmidt. The deeply rooted music, presented
here in 29 tracks, is intertwined with colorful interviews
that illustrate how the fiddle tradition and this master
fiddler's life have shaped one another. 
 cdcoverTSD.JPG (26450 bytes)

 .."Texas String Drive" Awesome! 

(my personal favorite pick!)

you can' t help but enjoy this, REALLY!

Texas String Drive brings to you an eclectic mix of acoustic

music from a broad range of influences such as Texas style

and Irish fiddling, country and western, bluegrass, swing

music, and even a few originals.  The music is very diverse

 ranging from slow waltzes to fast breakdowns.

Jimmie Don Bates of Austin, wanted to create a band that

 incorporated contest style fiddling with emphasis on

twin fiddles and banjo.  The band started through music at a

fiddler’s jam session hosted by Artz’ Rib House. Jimmie Don

met banjo player Rolf Sieker and began to jam, creating

two-part harmonies for the fiddle and banjo. Roberta Rast,

Bob Pool and James Wright  joined the group shortly after,

adding twin fiddle and rhythm. Texas String Drive was

named to represent acoustic music from Texas and the

drive or groove that fiddlers try to achieve when jamming

 and competing in fiddle contests. 

Texas Old Time Fiddling traditionally has been
 passed down from one fiddler to another from
one generation to the next. For many years,
sheet music and recordings were hard to find.
Lovers of the music attended contests,
performances and jam sessions to learn from others,
incorporating various styles and textures into their music. 

txshorty2.JPG (8780 bytes)

cdshorty.jpg (7495 bytes)

Texas Shorty Chancellor 

Order re-mastered CD's  

....Also taught by Benny, Shorty Chancellor's
is known for the waltz his Father wrote,
the wonderful "Chancellors Waltz"
If you knew Benny Thomasson’s music,
you may recognize his teachings in this recording,
as most of the breakdowns and rags recorded here
were learned from Benny. I first met Benny in 1956,
when I was 13 years old, and Benny had just
become the two time World Champion Fiddler
at Crockett, Texas. I got to know Benny, who,
in my opinion, is the greatest fiddler I ever met.
I had played the mandolin since I was six,
but after I met Benny, I couldn't’t get enough
 of him or his music, and immediately started
taking fiddle lessons from him. Benny went on
 to win his third World Championship at
Crockett in 1957, and, thanks largely to Benny’s
tutelage, I was fortunate in following him to be
 only the second ever to win that honor
three times consecutively in 1959, 60 and 61.
 tspic.jpg (4520 bytes)

 Texas Shorty Chancellor (Sound Bite !).... cdspin.gif (956 bytes) 


* My Fiddle Lineage


Bob Wills (Tribute), Asleep At The Wheel  -Hear how it sounded way back when...

Super Hits by Asleep at the Wheel

Alot of great Fiddlin!

 MarkWeiser1.JPG (119301 bytes)


....Mark OConnor

For help in fiddle study I recommend
3 CD's of Mark's -

"The Championship Years" ,
"Soppin The Gravy"    






 fiddlin_johnny2.JPG (7284 bytes)

 Fiddlin Johnny

This CD was nominated for a Grammy! John O Lardinois Jr. 
 is wonderful fiddler and a fine example of the instruction of
Dick and Lisa Barrett. I strongly recommend his CD's. Click
Cowboy Legacy CD above to ORDER. This CD especially
good for the intermediate to advanced player. 

 mattDanitaAlbumsm2.JPG (4544 bytes)

 * Matt & Danita Hartz - National Grand Champions!

The Franklin Brother's who are noted for originating Texas Guitar Back up Join Matt and Danita for some laid back Texas fiddle and twin arrangements. Guitar players stick out your ear! Beginner fiddlers will find this CD easier then  many to learn from due to the slower tempo's. Matt is a 2 time Grand National  Champion and Danita is the first woman in history to become a Grand National  Champ and she did it three times,1998 and 2000 & 2001!

 gimble.jpg (3648 bytes)

 Johnny Gimble - The Father of Texas Swing !

Noted for many decades for his talent in Texas Swing,

Johnny Gimble is one of the greats!

 shanecook2.JPG (12177 bytes)

Shane Cook - 1999 Grand Champion   Shane Cook.com

A Canadian Fiddler who took Weiser by storm in '99, Shane has MASTERED Mark O'Connor's style. You'll find his Canadian tunes interesting also.

 barrettbtn.JPG (5008 bytes)


......View Weiser Highlights !

....For fun take a peek at online video's from Weiser!

Click here to Order Weiser  Videos!

 WeiserVID.JPG (18908 bytes)


weisercds1.JPG (18893 bytes)

                            1996                  1997




*.Weiser CDs......

* These CD's are a must for any fiddle recording library! Once you get to the site by clicking the  link - some are not available but the year links above are some I managed to find!

.......enter "fiddle" in the search box.


 Must Have Video!

Texas Fiddle Legends: Benny Thomasson and Dick Barrett

 terrym2.jpg (14007 bytes)dale2.jpg (9945 bytes)

Dale -

Terry -

Dale and Terry Morris

Fiddlin' Straight from Texas... Sought after, rare recordings of the Terry Morris as well as Dale. 




































































































































   ..Recordings of Chris Daring

Hear how Chris developed what Terry had taught her into her own style.

* My Fiddle Lineage


Denice's Fiddle Lineage