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In this section I would like to highlight the Book 2 graduates this year. As some of you know getting through the graduation process it quite the task. Along with pictures of the graduates I would like for students to email in a short paragraph about your experiences while completing your evaluations. Suggestions for practice, and highlights of your private solo recital. This should prove to be interesting and fun!                                     

So get those paragraphs in ASAP!


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Book 2 Graduates ! Then & Now...pass mouse over pic to see them NOW!cdspin.gif (956 bytes)


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Sara gold name.gif (17112 bytes)Sara4.jpg (3381 bytes) abby eurich name.gif (16476 bytes)Abby2.gif (30850 bytes) Greyson Heppe name.gif (11443 bytes)Grayson.gif (25418 bytes)

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McCurdy -  Dani           Greenwald - Jenny & Julia                         Koplin - Katherine & Jordan              


     Blatter - Macy                                          Graziano - Celeste                                  Fithen - Noah                         Melisa Valdez   



Dale McCurdy

Youngest DSS Student 

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cdspin.gif (956 bytes)          BOOK 1 STUDENTS


This section is devoted to our Book Oner's
NO Tack hands here!
See who is working hard to improve that mouse house!!!

bulletDani McCurdy - Now on May Song!
bulletJordan Koplin - Won the youth Novice division this year at the CRMFC! Now studying Book 2 and more fiddle tunes!
bulletKatherine Koplin - on Andantino and ready to start Etude SOON!
bulletDale McCurdy - On the Monkey Song!
bulletJenny Greenwald - Finished Book 1 - will officially graduate at the next DSS studio Recital! 
bulletJulia Greenwald - younger sister to Jenny & Jessica-doing great.... Ready to start perpetual motion
bulletCeleste Graziano - Just learned May Song!
bulletNoah Fithen- 6 yr old, Starting Perpetual Motion
bulletMacey Blatter - New to DSS but learning quickly! Starting Minuet 1 !
bulletMelisa Valdez - Aarun's Student - Moving along quickly in Suzuki Violin, Fiddle AND  Back Up Guitar!
bulletJessica Greenwald - Just started - is excited to be able to join her sisters,Jenny & Julia on the violin!
bulletBlake Benson - New 3 year old!
bulletTeddy Meyer - New 3 year old 

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* denotes student's recently passed Gavotte Book 1 Graduation
or are presently working to pass it!


Let's keep an eye open for those making progress in the mouse house and posture category!

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BOOK 2 STUDENTScdspin.gif (956 bytes)

DANIELLE.bmp (209046 bytes)

  Danielle Valdez - Previous Youngest DSS Book 2 Student Ever!

       Also Notice Her PERFECT POSTURE!




bulletJordan Koplin - Winner 2005 Novice Division  at the Colorado Rocky Mountain Fiddle Championships

~ Denotes students who are on the last piece in Book 2
and/or are working on evaluations for graduation.

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  Shannon O'Neill Pictured above Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) attended weiser for the first time after completing her second year at Suzuki Camp in Snow Mass   

 9 yr old One of the youngest Book 3 students in DSS. Plans to attend Weiser again this year. 

 1st place Small Fry - Certified - Colorado Rocky Mountain Fiddle Championships 2004 .

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Abby Holmberg Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes)  

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Madiline Afshar ............Student at Denver School of the arts and now steady fiddler.

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Danielle Valdez - ( 10 yrs old) Working on evaluations!

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes)Kaitlin KenneyWeiserite1.gif (7269 bytes)   - Avid fiddler and rock'in guitar player.  Campus Middle school student where she participates in the school string program. Also in Irish Dance.

at his focus on progress. Became An Eagle Scout This year!


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panda2.gif (2564 bytes)                                         Book 3 Graduates !                                                                   

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joyce3.jpg (21638 bytes)

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julia1.jpg (44701 bytes)

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kellen3.jpg (25561 bytes)

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megan1_2.jpg (16569 bytes)

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advance.gif (30500 bytes)Students  Book 4 & Above








violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes)Catherine Deward- Current youngest book 4 student at 11 years old. Loves to fiddle!

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes)Caitlyn Olde - Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) Recently Graduated and Focusing on Fiddling and book 4 ! 

 violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes)Abby EurichWeiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) Focusing on becoming an awesome fiddler! Starting Book 4 THIS year. Attending Halletsville!    

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Julia Buzan Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes)- JR JR State fiddle Champ!    Placed 16th in nationals and 2nd in Jr jr. at the

Colorado Rocky Mountain Fiddle Championships 2003, 4th Junior 2004! Member of the Cherry Creek High School Orchestra.

Wonderfully talented and insightful. Hopes to go back to Texas for Halletsville this year.

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes)Kellen O'Niell -Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) Youngest Book 4 student! Starting the Bach Double.Attends Suzuki institute in Snow Mass each summer! 

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Alex Eurich -Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) awesome fiddler - nuff said...... !

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes)Aarun Carter Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes)-DSS Apprentice - VERY into fiddling but studying Suzuki also. 

 Currently attending her third year at The Denver School of the Arts, last year was asked to serve 

on the panel to Audition new students!  Accomplished on guitar backup and is teaching beginner's!

Placed 16th in Nationals with a 10 point time penalty! 2002.. 14th 2005... carries a student load of 12 on fiddle and guitar.

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Ricky Selman Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) - Staff at DSS - Attending DU as a Suzuki pedagogy Major.

 Placed 2nd in the CRMFC Young Adult Division!

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Max Afshar -  DSA student,Suzuki student and awesome fiddler!
violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes)Megan SlatteryWeiserite1.gif (7269 bytes)   GRADUATED out of DSS - Attending Miami University at Ohio

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Joyce LeeWeiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) - GRADUATED out of DSS ...graduated 10th in her cherry creek high school class of almost 900!... Off to College!

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BOOK 5 STUDENTScdspin.gif (956 bytes)

Erin Beimford

erin1.jpg (17990 bytes)

High School Graduates  2004


violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Erin Beimford Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes)- starting her 2nd year at CU Boulder.

Cherry Creek High - Orchestra President! A Major player in the fiddle circuit! Graduates High School this year and moves OUT of DSS :-(  Loves Benny Thomason,Terry Moris and all the great Texas Player's. Is Currently learning a tune a week and plans to attend Halletsville for the first time this year! Erin has been with me longer then most (10 years!) and I am truly pleased with her as a fiddler and a young woman. Let me tell ya, this is a hard one to let go of......

Erin Continues to be active in fiddling and COTFA... She jams and attends contests in Colorado as well as Idaho and Texas.


violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes)Megan SlatteryWeiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) Attending her 2nd year at The University of Miami at Ohio. 

She "made the cut" at the Colorado Rocky Mountain Fiddle Championships 2004...placed 5th!

After starting violin at 11 years old she has shown great progress and is working to Graduate Book 4 before graduating from Kent Denver. Megan has diligently attended Weiser for many years and has become a fine fiddler. I am very proud of what she has accomplished. Megan also plans to "Go to Texas" for the first time, this year. She has also learned the guitar works at becoming good back up player. I am truly saddened to see her go.


Personal Note: I must say I am having a hard time letting these girls go...

High School Graduates 2005

Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) of MANY years Joyce was a Cheery Creek High School student.

graduated 10th in her class of almost 900!... Off to College!

digital.gif (8656 bytes)

 Very Artistic and a joy to teach. 

Also student of mine for many years....How can I get along with out her! A one of a kind soul and genuine person. 

Humble to a fault... Never the one to crave attention even when she deserves it! 

Although I know they are off to a new journey I am not yet used to the idea of them leaving DSS.

cdspin.gif (956 bytes)BOOK 6 STUDENTS

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Laura Stewart  - GRADUATED out of DSS 

Weiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) of MANY years - Cherry Creek High - Orchestra member


Laura is attending BYU and was accepted into the Symphonic Orchestra!

Laura has been with me longer than any student I have taught... she has brought much fulfillment to my teaching life... 

her and her family will always be with me in my heart! I will miss her sorely.

She is past Junior Colorado State Fiddle Champ -  2 years running!

has many 1st places under her belt


Placed 9th in Hallettsville TEXAS 2003 Hallettsville TEXAS 2003

digital.gif (8656 bytes)

If there are any names accidentally left off these lists  or incorrect postings PLEASE Let me know !



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Winner of the Colorado Open - Junior Division! On her way to becoming an awesome fiddler.

violinsm16.bmp (1574 bytes) Rachel JackmanWeiserite1.gif (7269 bytes) 11 yr old - Great Suzuki Student & Rockin Fiddler-Placed 8th in the freshman Division at the Texas State Championships in Hallettsville Texas 2005