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My Fiddle Lineage

My Lineage


My Fiddle Lineage

Denice Carter - 1997

After being a Suzuki student in the North West for 10 years and later took training to become a Suzuki teacher......
I  learned to play the fiddle after moving to Nebraska Initially from a dear friend by the name of "Grandpa Glen Kephart"
Over the course of about 5 years he showed me recordings I had never heard and talked with me about "good fiddlin". 
We jammed and shared music frequently. I learned a lot from him and am grateful.
Later,  I moved to Colorado, promptly went to a contest and met Chris Daring and Lisa Barrett. I didn't do well in the contest as my "version" of flop eared mule did not fit the criteria for a breakdown in a  Colorado contest. Lisa & Chris took me aside to explain. Soon after I started exploring "Texas Style". Chris was my first and main teacher for many years after that. I was so intrigued and challenged by this style I was hooked, and practiced profusely for years to come. I soon was granted a master apprenticeship with Chris and went on to place highly in many local contests.
During this time I also met Dale Morris and had many a late night lessons. Dale and Chris were instrumental in passing Texas Style down to me, Chris shared her "Terry stuff"  and Dale gave me "the other stuff". I have also had a few lessons with Tony Ludiker,Tom Wiesgerber and any others I can get to sit down and teach me. Since then I have exposed myself to all the great players I can.  It has been a wonderful journey of exploration which I intend to continue till the day I die.
The list of recordings on my web site represents my favorites and includes my lineage.. The branches of my fiddle tree stretch far, Benny taught Terry who taught Chris. Benny Taught Mark, Bartow, Shorty, Jimmie Don ....and MANY others.....and the list goes on...... I am truly privileged to be a part of this lineage..... And the influences of people like Dick & Lisa Barret who are truly an asset in my learning and teaching growth.
Through teaching hundreds of kids and adults over the last 18 years in Colorado, Forming the Colorado Old Time Fiddler's Association and establishing the Colorado Rocky Mountain Fiddle Championships at the National Western Stock Show, I hope to continue this rich heritage.