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Welcome to The Denver Suzuki Strings Program - Parents Place  !

This page is dedicated to all the wonderful Parents I have the  pleasure of interacting with.

Feed back and requests for advice are welcome! Just email Denice.

If you have a funny story about violin practice or a new

trick you have found please share it with us!

Thank you all for your continued support and hard work!


COTFA meetings need to resume soon...planning must start for next years contest!


new4.gif (7423 bytes)Welcome New Families:

 Greenwald - Jenny & Julia

Mom - Wendy

 Koplin - Katherine & Jordan

Mom - Tammy

 Blatter - Macy

Mom - Deb

The Krause - Noah

Mom - Heather 


Links For NEW suzuki parents:

Read about the Suzuki Method   

Even More Information!   

Share experiences with Suzuki Parents all over the World! 

Taking Care of Your Violin

Benifits of Suzuki Method


Helpful Links

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ALL students are required to attend group classes!

These are the classes you should attend:


Class Title                                                                  Students Required To Attend

Book 1 ..................................... 1st   Saturday        All Book 1 &Book 2 Students


Book 2 ..........................................  2nd Saurday All Book 2 & Book 3 Students


Book 3 & 4 ................................ 3rd  Saturday All book 3 & 4 students or above


Fiddle Performance.........4th Saturday    ALL kids who know ANY fiddle songs!



Time 10:00 AM


Location at Bethany Lutheran Church. Just west of DJ's.

4500 E. Hampden Ave. Englewood, Co 80110


Students NOT participating in group class may be dropped from the DSS program.


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Suzuki Parent Education, Discussion & Support

Classes - Required for all Parents of DSS students




Parents of

 children ages 3 – 10

2nd Saturday of each month - 11:00 am 

at Bethany Lutheran Church 

(after group class)


Parents of 

Pre - Teens and older

4th Saturday of each month - 11:00 am 

at Bethany Lutheran Church 

(after group class)

Class List

Tammy Koplin 

Amy Valdez


Diane Dansero

Marcia Deward
Lynn Eley

Wendy Greenwald

Heather Krause

Deb Blatter

Tracy Ryan

Sabra Knauf

Claudia Smith

Hal Hammond

Merideth Harris


Class List

Paula Jackman

Linnea Kenney

Tammy Hertz

Katy Miller

John & Lisa Afshar

Greg Coffey

John Holmberg

Jeniffer O’Neill

Larry Ryckman

Lisa Sodenborg
Margory Olde

Susan Davis



For More Info contact Denice Carter OR Ricky Selman



Spring Recital

Where: Bethany Lutheran Church Room 312

When: June 5th - times TBA

Who: All students of DSS are required to participate


This year our Spring Recital will be held at Bethany Lutheran Church.

There is a nice little recital room in room 312.

To get to this room you will enter the church from the SOUTH entrance and keep going to your right after entering to find room 312.

I haven't yet decided whether I will have one or two recitals but we will probably start around 2:00 June 5th.


Mark you calendar!






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New Page ----- Adult Students!

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Barrett Violins has the best  deal... order strings HERE!

High Quality violins also available Contact : Denice

>Click the above link<



..... Some of our Veteran Families

       fidlguit25.gif (10292 bytes)      parent19.jpg (59897 bytes)                                                              parent20.jpg (9845 bytes)

                    Larry Ryckman                                                                                                                                                                         Margery Olde
A great Suzuki dad,Guitarist and Student                                                                                              Suzuki Mom who also likes to fiddle around!


                                John3.gif (46608 bytes)     fidlguit25.gif (10292 bytes)                                     

John Holmberg-Suzuki dad who gets the whole family playing!                                           


parent21.jpg (31897 bytes)                           wayne.JPG (4132 bytes)                          

                               Claradene Stewart - Dedicated Suzuki Mother!!                               Wayne Stewart -Always supportive!


                         Diane%20B.gif (18320 bytes)                                        diane_b2.jpg (7355 bytes)

                                     Randy Buzan                                                                                                                              Diane (his wife)  who never misses a lesson with her daughter.
                         Parent who plays Back Up Guitar!         


Tammy1.JPG (142137 bytes)     

                                       Tamura Hertz -Parent & Student!

Gregcasper.jpg (17657 bytes)


Greg Coffey - Suzuki Dad,Student supporter and Guitarist!










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