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What a great honor it was to play the National Anthem at a Colorado Rockies game!
Below I have assembled highlight's of that day.
I felt a great sense of pride through all who participated in this special experience!


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Let's see now... "where" should I stand?

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 The excitment mounted as we lined up and tuned...     

 Rockies 2000-3.jpg (24126 bytes)

It was hard to believe we where about to go on the field!


Rockies 2000-4.jpg (22834 bytes)     

Ok... they are telling us what we need to do and that we need to GO NOW!    


  Rockies 2000-5.jpg (21015 bytes)

Now it's really time to go!


Rockies 2000-6.jpg (28509 bytes)        

Dinger played around a little.. Gee look at all the people!  

 Rockies 2000-7.jpg (30549 bytes)

  Now we are really ready!


Rockies 2000-7.jpg (30549 bytes)  

                                                     Ok... here we go!

On the field 2000.jpg (24524 bytes)

and the crowd goes WILD!!!!!

Rockies Jasper 2000.jpg (14552 bytes)

What A Ham!
Look at that SMILE!

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