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Suzuki Info & Education



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Educational Information

about Suzuki Method


Reading & Listening Material for DSS parents

* Required 

~ Reccomended


 Video of Shinich Suzuki teaching technique!

View NOW on the web!

  * Nurtured By Love         ~ Ability Development from age Zero 

  * Suzuki Violin School Cd VOL. 1

 - Performed by Suzuki 

 ~ Mommy, can we practice now?

Some copies of Mommy Can We Practice Now may be available directly from the author, Marie Parkinson. She can be reached by e-mail at PARKINSONM@byui.edu.

 ~ To Learn with Love    ~ Suzuki Method in America

Note about

other books


Where can I find the books Where Love is Deep, Talent Education for Young Children or Mommy Can We Practice Now ?

Unfortunately, the only stock of these three excellent books was destroyed in a fire at the publisher's warehouse, and they are no longer in print. You may be able to borrow one from a teacher or public library. If you find a copy at a used book store or garage sale, buy it.




 Suzuki Music School, Inc.  
 Suzuki Method-Japanese Site 
 Maxines Music Plus, Suzuki violin
 Peaks to Plains Suzuki Institute  
History of Suzuki Method   
Colo Suzuki Institute 
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