Weiser 2001


This page  is all about our wonderful time at Weiser this year. We did so many exciting things! Our camp doubled       

in size which was quite the experience in itself. We had many Weiser friends visit our camp to jam and eat and just       hang out. We rehearsed each day for our performance on friday night where we played for 20 minutes while the wonderful Round-Up City Cloggers danced their hearts out. We then were asked to once again, open the show with our National Anthem.

On Thursay we made a CD... Our second to document our groups presence at The Nationals.Aarun Swiniarski made the first cut in the Junior-Junior division and placed 13th! This was VERY exciting for us!

It was very hot, we got NO sleep... we roasted marshmellows while listening to jams at our camp...we shared camp duties    .........we practiced and performed well....and it was a BLAST!

When it was time to pack up... we mourned the end of the week... dreaming of our next Weiser.


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CarterVille Residents 2001!

The Ryckman's (2)
The Hertz's (3)
The Holmberg's (4)
The Kenny's (3) 
The Heppe's (2) 
The Lee's  (2)
The Slattery's (2)
The Beimford's (2)
The Coffey's (2)
The Buzan's (4)
The Olde's (2)
The Eurich's (4)
The Stanley's (3) From Oregon
The Carter's (5) + Nelly the Beagle
The Stewarts (2)
Serena & Family (4) My  sis from Oregon
Hazel Murphy (1) My Grandma from Oregon
My family from Co.(5)
Zona & Family (5) My sis from Oregon

Jackie  Penner - Fiddle Teacher from Oregon

The Roundup City Cloggers (10)

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Setting up camp......

setupcamp1.JPG (102360 bytes) setupcamp2.JPG (111846 bytes)

Craig,Greg,Ricky,Aaron,Nash & Denice                                                               Greg Coffey

setupcamp3.JPG (137882 bytes)  setupcamp4.JPG (100374 bytes)

Josh & Nash.... Nash was really helping!                                  OK guys... now what?

setupcamp5.JPG (86425 bytes)

OOppss... forgot something...

setupcamp6.JPG (73794 bytes)          setupcamp7.JPG (80746 bytes)

Jim Standly .... stopping for a snack                                     OK... 1 down.... 2 to go.......

cartervilleburbs1.JPG (145737 bytes)

Carterville "Burbs" - under construction

cooking2.jpg (61668 bytes)

Everyone WORKS together......In the Kitchen....

        cooking1.jpg (42712 bytes)

Even the kids helped!

              cooking3.jpg (51463 bytes)

...The Doc, The Editor & the "Plumber" in the kitchen..

Yes..... the Men had their time...in the kitchen..

Don't Cry Greg.....it's only onions....

Larry Ryckman, Greg Coffey and Richard Heppe

"hey where are their heads ?"


Rehearsal for The Clogging performance


rehears1.jpg (371159 bytes)


rehears2.jpg (306815 bytes)

weisercamp.JPG (69466 bytes)

Wow... You Kids are GREAT !

This photo was taken by: Laurie Halee a photographer from Denver who just happened to be at Weiser!

If you are in need of a photographer or would like to see some of the other pictures from Weiser

please contact Laurie Halee




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